Free Cp Coins


to get cp coins make a order like this:

(email me your account I WONT HACK OR BANN IT AND IT WONT BE SAVED) or (Make a Donation here
Here is the prizes and what to do if you want me to get you coins
Comment on a blog: 5,000 coins each
Add us to your blogroll: 10,000 coins per site
Make a Post About Us: 20,000 coins each
My email is


12 responses

10 10 2010
dogs 6

love the web

27 09 2009

u rock!

27 09 2009

thx for doing this!!!!!

27 09 2009

this is sooo kol!!!!! thx!

27 09 2009

ill email u my password and username. just plz plz plz no sharing! once u do it plz delte the email so no one can read it. ive been working hard on my account so.. thx!!!!

27 09 2009

plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz give me coins 🙂 i need coins!!!!!!

30 08 2009

i need coins… please help me

4 08 2009

Hi ‘m not entering free coins cause:If I tell you my name and pass others will se my comment and if the person who sees it is a banner he will keep banning it then its banned FOREVER so I not telling!!!Plus I told one guy to tell me how to do something and i give him my penguin AND i said to delete my comment with tha penguin BUT HE DIDNT you know why??HE AS A SISSY anyways….i gave him tha wrong name so i can tell u my pass but not my name.PASS IS!!!:******************************** LOL I dont want anyone to figure out my name cause it comes to mine in a while….

2 07 2009
kakarot 202

hey your site is awesome

17 06 2009

hey can i have my 5000 coins if i give u my pass

17 04 2009

ok. i like he backround. now im gonna email you and get me free coins

-KoCoA Da GeRbIl

13 04 2009

If i did that i would have 30,000 because i made a post about your blog and i have you on my blogroll.. I just realy want to be in your blogroll..

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