6 09 2009

Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about quitting. I’m not sure now, but I’m just telling you now. Here are the reasons:

1.)Superpokepets is addicting.

2.)When I play, I sometimes forget about this site.

3.)School is coming, and I will get a lot of homework in 6th grade

4.)Club Penguin, it’s boring now

5.)People at school call me a loser when I mention penguins


It’s up to you though, and if I do quit, I will have a goodbye party. And I will miss everyone.


I’ll post another post when I decide what to do. 🙂


Thanks! I Love you!






2 responses

7 09 2009


Reasons are up there. ^_^

7 09 2009



WHY?!?!?! (lol I know you put the reasons I’m just trying to be dramatic)

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