Festival of Flight!

16 08 2009

The Festival of Flight is here! Club Penguin has been pulled out from the water and into the sky! I’ll tell you the free item:

Green Propeller Hat-Plaza


I don’t have time of a picture but you’ll find the item. Plus, if you’re a member, you get to go to the Forest and get a balloon ride! You can also get a ject pack that’s only for members.


In the Pool, where a hard hat and jackhammer the place! Gary the Gadget Guy is planning to replace the windows because the windows are too old.


And, if you look through the telescope on the Beacon and the  binoculars at the Cove, all you see is clouds and the sky! From the Iceberg, you can see Club Penguin in the sky!


Have fun at the festival and remember, you can always dream to fly!


Thanks! I Love you!






2 responses

16 08 2009

nice clothes

16 08 2009

Awesome Post! Please Visit ClubPenguin-ROCKZ.com to Track Gary! Also Check out our Beta Gaming Party by Clicking the Link Following: http://clubpenguin-rockz.com/2009/08/12/clubpenguin-rockz-gaming-beta-party/

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