Happy777 talks to music people

16 07 2009

HELLO! Champ469 is back… again… Why alot of dots… well… I don’t know… CAN WE STOP WITH THE DOTS… Seriously!

Ok. Now I’m Serious. Lets get to the Happy777 thing… AGAIN WITH THE DOTS!

Ok,before the triple dots attack again (*Dots*I HEARD THAT*Dots*) O whatever. Ok lets move on.

Here’s the post:

Greetings, Penguins!

The Music Jam Party starts this Friday and there are some amazing band rehearsals happening all over the island. It’s so cool to see you guys getting ready. I saw the pic of the Lighthouse from Billybob’s Monday post – pretty impressive. It made me so excited to actually see the party and I wanted to talk to someone on the team who worked on the decorations.


Q: I know there are a lot of different music stages for this party. Which one was the most fun to work on?
A: All the stages were great to work on, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say the big stage at the dock. It changes themes throughout the party.

Q: How did you come up with all the different decorations?
A: The focus was kept on two things, music stages and things that make noise. So there are different stages, but also some cool noise-making surprises!

Q: I heard rumors about a chocolate fountain in one of the backstage areas. Is that true?
A: Wait! There’s a chocolate fountain Backstage!?!? Golly, look at the time, I better. . . umm. . . get back to work. . . at the Backstage. . .

Party starts Friday! Have fun and let us know what you think of how the island looks!

Until then…Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

I think that’s the Underground Mine. I dunno. But I want to tell you why I’ve been gone.

So latetly I havent been Playing CP


1.Club Penguin is getting boring (Until Music Jam comes. Tell you why after the reasons)

2. My Best Friend doesn’t play anymore

3. I had a little vacation

And lots more but I’m too lazy… OMG DOTS WILL YOU STOP PLEASE! (*DOTS* Say Please *DOTS*) Ok Please? (*DOTS* That’s all you needed to say)

So I like music Jam because I’m a Guitarist. Yup. Acoustic (A.K.A Wood Guitar.) I’m going to Electric Guitar soon. So I’ll ROCK OUT!

So yeah. That’s it. And also Subscribe to my Youtube Channel or by clicking THIS

So. Laterz!





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