Sorry, Haven’t been postin, am i saying or leaving? and Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

5 06 2009

Hello penguinz… First, I’m staying, Just some people are saying yES! WOO! YEAHHH! WOOT! Ok… I may have over-exadurated that last thing. And other people are saying, WHAT? WHY? Well if you said no for me to not stay, well then GO SUCK A PICKLE! CUZ I’M STAYIN!

Ok second, I am sorry I haven’t been posting. I have test, lick my CST, the SAM, and whatever, but this coming Wednesday,is my last day of 4th Grade, and once Summer Vaca hits, I’ll be posting more! Sorry for the inconvinence…

O and I have a video for the Better Igloos Catalog Cheats:




One response

7 06 2009

Your in fourth grade? Oh right, you’re 10. I’m going to sixth grade next year, and my last day of school is on June 12th! What school do you go to champ?

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