Go Green!

1 06 2009

Hey guys, there has been many bad things happening in the world, and we’re gonna make a difference! Here are some ways to go green:


Ways to save water:

1.)Fix leaky faucets or sprinklers

2.)Don’t pour out extra water into the sink, instead pour the water into the dirt for your plants

3.)Don’t hose off the sidewalk or driveway, just sweep it.

4.)Don’t take a shower that’s more than 5 minutes, unless if you’re washing your hair.

5.)Get appilances that save water. For example, a laundry machine or a toilet. This will save water and help the world.


Ways to save the Environment

1.)Clean up your neighborhood

2.)Don’t litter trash on the floor. Go to the nearby trash can and dump the trash.

3.)Don’t pollute the water. If you are boating, check your engine to see if fuel is leaking. Oil spills happen very often.

4.)Don’t smoke. It’ll pollute the air.

5.)Get hybrids(which are energy-saving cars) and use it often.


Ways to save Electricity

1.)Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

2.)Don’t leave plugged-in machines on when you don’t need them.

3.)Use candles or fireplaces often.

4.)Don’t leave too many lights on.

5.)Don’t charge things often. For example, iPods or Nintendo DS’s.


I will start a website about saving the environment later on. Thank you.


Till next time!






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2 06 2009

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