Adventure Quest Worlds (A Guy Fighting Game)

6 05 2009

Hello penguinz! I have a new game, and a new show. O ans sorry about the CPTS thing. I had to go to my little cousins baptisim. Again sorry for the inconvinence. So uhhhh yea. Here’s a new game if you want to fight, it’s called Adventure Quest Worlds (Or AQ Worlds for short) and it’s a game where you can fight The Unded, Darkness, and Chaos! AKA insted of a battle of Good and Evil, a game about Good and Evil vs. Chaos! Yea, pretty cool and and crazy right? I mean, aren’t Chaos and Evil on the same side? Put on the comments if you have an explination. So, I made a video for it. Here it is:

Roshi already signed up. Awesome game for guys. And if girs wanna play, you can also be a girl. But it’s rare to see girls on here…….. Anyways, the show is called Champ469, the Game Guru. O and check out my new character:


Awesome huh? Level ten. WOO HOO! So adventurer, Sign up Now!




4 responses

17 05 2009


17 05 2009

I play too. it’s pretty fun.

11 05 2009


10 05 2009

I’m level 26, Adventurer

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