Pandanda tricks

11 04 2009

I got some pandanda tricks for you. Here they are:

The slapping trick

1. Press w on your keyboard

2. Keep pressing w on your keyboard

The sleeping trick

1.Walk somewhere

2.Press z on your keyboard

Dancing trick

1.Walk somewhere

2.Press d on you keyboard

Jumping trick

1.Walk somewhere

2.Keep pressing  j

Sliding trick

1.Walk somewhere

2.Press s on your keyboard

That is all I remember.

See ya!:D




One response

11 04 2009

I got one! You gotta get the Fishing Pole. Then, go to the fishing Hole. After that, go to the Sanded area but be behind someone. Lastly, Click the water REPETEDLY. Then, It will look like your waking someone with a fishing pole!


O and you should put all of this on the Pandanda Crew Site. Not here. Friendly Tip

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