Easter Eggs Hunt

10 04 2009

Easter Eggs are all around on Club Penguin! And guess who hid them? If you read the Newspaper you’ld know. But I’ll tell you anyway. IT’S THE SENSEI! Does that mean he does come out of the Dojo? Its still a Mystery…………… Well, if you can’t get the Clue’s, then I’ll give you a Walkthrough of the Egg Hunt.

Here’s Egg one,  at the Town, click the light:


Egg 2, at the Cove:


Egg 3, right at the Mine, put your mouse on the Cart Surfer Game:


Egg 4 your looking for? Well at the Dojo, Egg 4 will be there. Then you’ll be fine! (See, I’M MAKING RHYMES.) Click the Squared Area:


Egg 5, at the Gift Shop, click the Hat:


This is the Same egg, just after you click that hat


Egg 6 your looking for? Well it will be at the Ski Lodge. Just hover your mouse on the Ice Fishing Door like your going to play it:


Egg 7 is second to last, I’ll be at Ski Hill. Click the Sign in the Middle of Ski Hill:


And, LAST, but not least, The Final Egg. At the Lighthouse. Click the On-Off Switch to turn off the LightHouse:


One you get all of them, click that Little Easter Egg by the Agent Button. Then a screen will pop up. Click the Claim Prize Button to get Pink Bunny Ears:


After Clicking that, this will pop up:


Click yes, then you will have your Pink Bunny Ears!

So,  Happy Hunting!

~Champ469 :D~




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12 04 2009

Hey Goldie. Saw your comment. I need your site so I can add it to the Blogroll but it’s going to be on the Iceburg Blogroll.

12 04 2009


12 04 2009

hi its goldey7312 i added you to my bloggroll add me to yours

11 04 2009

Thaks for the help! I needed it.

11 04 2009

Nice Post!
Comment back on my site

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